3D Print Cup: Design

This is the second year this competition has run in Manchester and this year I had to get involved. I heard about it from a friend of mine who had entered last year. I then went down to the launch event and found out that our senior artist Rob Millington was a judge. Ha small world.

This was something I wanted to enter last year but due to a couple of large jobs coming in to the studio I didn’t have the time. This year was different though. As there was more time to prepare and the fact I had done a load of designs the year before it was easier to put my idea together and get something modelled, ready to print.

Here is the first look of my first 3D printed character Brian Freeze:


Depending how well this prints I am thinking of doing a series of different Lolly / Ice cream characters.


My design is all sent off and ready to print. Now it’s just a waiting game to get it back and see how it comes out.

Take a look at the competition at and make sure you get involved next year! www.cartridgesave.co.uk/3dprintcup

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