3D Print Cup: Printing Part 2 & Finishing

With the competition coming to a close tomorrow my model is finished and ready for the closing night. Although I won’t be able to attend the night myself the model has been finished and it is on it’s way there now.

I finished it using just 4 pots of model paint and found it was great to paint all the pieces individually before assembling it all together once dry. All of the paint laid well over the white base layer I put down and only needed one coat with some little bits touched up.

Say hello to (the finished) Brian Freeze!


The assembly all went well and all the parts slotted together really well. It’s been a great first experience of 3D printing and has been loads of fun to get hands on for the first time since Uni really. With longer I could have refined it more and more but it has been a great way to learn how to use these printers and it won’t be my last time either.

Now all that is left are the results. At first I was only bothered about getting a great quality free print but I would be lying if I said I didn’t really want that printer haha. Good luck everyone!

Take a look at the competition at and make sure you get involved next year! www.cartridgesave.co.uk/3dprintcup

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