After working as a Motion Designer / Animator for 5 and a half years here in Manchester
I, along with my other half, have decided to go on a new adventure in 2017.
That’s why as of the 19th January we will be moving to Vancouver, Canada!


With a 4 year working visa, I’m looking forward to getting over there and working with some new people, learning a heap of new animation skills and exploring new places and new experiences. There are many talented companies I would love to work with out there and I can’t wait to just be in that landscape. Snowboarding in Whistler, chilling out on the beach, cycling / hiking in the national parks and the city life that I’ve grown to love in Manchester. Why not?

I am still going to be working in the same field producing the best work I can and not doing an “Into the Wild” type of disappearing act. So don’t think I wouldn’t want to hear from you just because of where I am. I see myself being able to work anywhere. I will always have the equipment needed to help anyone out with any briefs you may have. And in some situations the time difference may even work to the advantage of us both.


With having places such as Banff, Victoria, Seattle and Portland all within travelling distance (well not walking but you know… relatively close) it’s going to be a great base to discover new locations. Plus with all the different Ski resorts around, it’s a snowboarders paradise. So I’m sure we will have quite a few visitors in the winter months. As well as all this I’m really looking forward to visiting a place where my Grandad travelled some 60 years ago in the merchant navy and see how much it has changed. It’s my chance to do a bit of exploring much like he did back then and with all the National Parks being free for the entirety of 2017 now is the perfect time to do it!



Anyway, this post hasn’t been written to rub it in what so ever, it is to say whether you are located in the UK, US, Canada or anywhere else in the world for that matter, if you think I can help you in any way on a motion project / brief, do get in touch. Hopefully I will be able to help you out and we can produce the perfect piece for you. Also if you are in the area to drop me a message to say “Hi”. I’ve always enjoyed networking so I’m looking forward to meeting animators and designers in the local area. I also can’t wait to go to the next Blend festival as I’ve wanted to attend the last few years but the distance has been a bit of an issue.

Vancouver, see you soon!


**The photo’s in this post aren’t mine as I’m obviously not out there yet! Copyright © to kjtobal, vfs and ink global

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