My last Motion North…

So last week was my last Motion North and it may have been the best one from my perspective. Firstly, it was great because I have finally been able to put some freelance work into the showcase. I actually managed to put 2 pieces in. I showed both the Hyundai piece I have worked on with Wash Design and the Rio Olympics 2016 Brand Showreel and they both seemed to go down very well. I was proud to show my work to the designers of the North West and it was great to see it along side such talents and great pieces.

The evening was held Code Computer Love‘s studio again (which is a brilliant spot by the way) where we kicked off the night in the usual fashion with the showreel and showcase. We then had a fantastic talk by Art & Graft‘s Mike Moloney who showed us into the companies process and ideas. It was great to see how they put together their pieces of work as well as see how they put the time, money and resources back into personal projects. Which in turn proved to create more paid work once published. It is a great idea that few companies get it to work, but it is interesting to see how Art & Graft make time for it. Each new member of staff that are lucky enough to join gets to come up with an original idea that they pitch to the rest of the company. From here they then figure out how they are going to approach it before they actually create a piece of content from that idea. Obviously this can take months around other paid jobs but it lets the member of staff who came up with the idea to lead and direct where the project is going. I say member of staff because to them, it doesn’t matter what position you are in, we can all be creative. This is what really stuck with me from his whole talk. Maybe taking a step back from the problem at hand and thinking about it in a different light may just come up with some interesting results. It has driven me more towards doing the personal project I have planned before moving away.

With this being my last time to Motion North, Jonny Ashworth, the organiser of the whole event, and director of Mighty Giant organised a bit of a surprise for me. I would like to thank him again for the sketchbook and to everyone who wished me well on the evening. It meant a lot to me and proved I have made some great contacts and great friends working in Manchester. Thanks again!

I look forward to seeing some of you down at my talk at Glug Manchester on Thursday 20th October if you are around? There are still some last minute tickets left and I’ll will be around afterwards to have a good catchup with anyone I missed chatting to the other night. I hope to see you all around soon.

Cheers, Steve

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