A night with Aardman

Tonight I head down to the Manchester Animation Festival at HOME which was a great evening. I’m not going to get down to many of the talks this year but I really wanted to get down to see Aardman as I missed them last time they were presenting in town.

There were 2 sessions on this evening and I managed to get tickets to both. The first was the Fellowship Award which was a Q&A with Peter Lord and David Sproxton (and Morph) before the award was presented. It was a fascinating session with them explaining how they got from a bedroom, to a small studio in Bristol, to where they are today. They spoke of the opportunities they got when first starting out and how they came into a lot of luck too. This reminded me of how my summer this year had gone, and how I had been in the right place, at the right time, and managed land some really big opportunities. It was great to hear how the studio has grown over the years but the way they produced work largely remained the same. When talking about how technology had come on in recent years, I like how Peter spoke about how they continued to perfect their stop motion animation and how that then managed to then translate it on to the big screen. It’s amazing to think how the small company that came up with such brilliance as Wallace and Gromit and Creature Comforts are now producing feature films.

The second session was the Aardman 40th Anniversary Programme which was a collection of their best pieces of work. There were some pieces I hadn’t seen before in amongst some of their award winning pieces. It was great to see their work on the big screen such as Adam, Grandmorph and Sledgehammer. And to end with The Wrong Trousers was a great trip down nostalgia lane and a great way to end the night. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

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