So recently I was contacted by Kat Burrow from the Glug Manchester event team to ask if I would be interesting in talking at one of their events some time. As it was less than a week before their next event, but the one after wasn’t until after we had left for Vancouver, I just had to go for this one. It was a great evening and a great challenge to come up with an interesting presentation that the designers of the North West would find interesting.If you missed it, here is a video edit put together by the Glug team so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home / office or to get away from all those other commuters.




It was great to do and was actually my first talk to designers in the industry. I have done talks at universities and offered advice to students but nothing to professionals. It’s weird because as a freelancer you speak to new people all the time (and speak to clients often) but when it comes to people that do the same thing as you it gets a bit more nerve-racking.

The evening was started with the very talented Jordan Yates going through his work and how he has got to where he is today. It was an evening of firsts as he hadn’t done a talk before either but did an amazing job. We have even got a couple of his prints for the flat. Next up was Alex McGibbon who did a fascinating talk on web optimisation and how to get the best from your site. Next up was my talk, which even though it had quite a few technical problems still went quite well I think. Watching it back I’m pretty chuffed with how it went anyway.Especially considering this is the first biggy.




Then to finish was a mate of ours Nick Entwistle who spoke about One Minute Briefs which is his concept. I’ve not seen a talk as inspirational as his in a long time. He went through how he started his Graphic Design journey by setting up his own agency at home before then moving on. It was great to hear him talk about hard subjects like his heart attack and how he managed to get through it and help raise so much money and awareness for the NHS. Also down to his work and the work of One Minute Briefs he helped the NHS get last years Xmas Number 1 in the music charts. It was a fantastic evening and I really enjoyed my first talk. Please do watch it back or for the first time if you fancy it and let me know your thoughts. Thanks again to Kat, Simon and Holly for asking me to talk and thanks to everyone who turned up and supported us on the night.

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