So recently I was contacted by Kat Burrow from the Glug Manchester event team to ask if I would be interesting in talking at one of their events some time. As it was less than a week before their next event, but the one after wasn’t until after we had left for Vancouver, I just had to go for this one. It was a great evening and a great challenge to come up with an interesting presentation that the designers of the North West would find interesting.If you missed it, here is a video edit put together by the Glug team so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home / office or to get away from all those other commuters.



My last Motion North…

So last week was my last Motion North and it may have been the best one from my perspective. Firstly, it was great because I have finally been able to put some freelance work into the showcase. I actually managed to put 2 pieces in. I showed both the Hyundai piece I have worked on with Wash Design and the Rio Olympics 2016 Brand Showreel and they both seemed to go down very well. I was proud to show my work to the designers of the North West and it was great to see it along side such talents and great pieces.


So I’ve finally finished the video of me and my old man boarding in Bansko this year back in March (my bad).
It was a great trip with great conditions up until the last day where as you can see it was hard for us to tell what we were doing.
Sorry if anyone gets motion sickness I really need to sort some kind of gimbal out for the GoPro as you really do feel everything at the moment.

All in all a fantastic trip but we did miss Mark (Shrek) Walters who is just going to have to come over to Canada to make up for it.

Great trip though with a pretty cool old Tard and I’m looking forward to Whistler already!!!

Show & Tell at HOME

So this weekend I took part in HOME’s show and tell programme. It has been set up as a platform to inspire the creative community which felt like a great way to give back a little. I presented along with Gemma May Latham, who discussed her fascination with ‘Flow’, a mate of mine Jon Massey and fellow designer Adam Stanway who spoke about Manchester Moleskine that they setup themselves, BBC R&D Technologist Rosie Campbell who spoke about facial recognition algorithms and teaching computer to see and the brilliant Mancunian Artist Jay EEgo who showed how he managed to come back from crime and drug addiction to become and brilliant and well known painter.


A customary cheesy video after our first trip away together snowboarding / skiing to Bansko, Bulgaria. After having problems with missing footage, this was all shot on the last day on the mountain which just so happened to be an epic. Great trip with a great bunch of people and looking forward to next year already! Nice one Robyn, Rick, John, Sophia and Maria. Until next year… enjoy!