Freelancing: How it’s been so far

So in the last week of November I decided to make the move to become a freelancer. There is probably no great time to make that leap, but a month before Christmas probably wasn’t one of my best ideas. But actually, it turned out to be a really good month for me. Times were busy as there were a lot of pieces of work that needed finishing before the holiday season began.


HoloLens vs Oculus Rift. Why not both?

With the recent announcement of Microsoft’s new product HoloLens, this is an exciting time to think about new technologies and how they are changing the creative industries.

At first glance, HoloLens has more than just a few similarities with wearable headset Google Glass. But a deeper look suggests they are both quite different, aiming to attract different audiences and operating in different areas of the market. Google Glass was trying to appeal to the masses (and arguably that was behind the downfall of its first outing to market in the UK), whereas HoloLens is aiming mainly for businesses and encouraging collaboration within them.


3D Print Cup: Printing Part 2 & Finishing

With the competition coming to a close tomorrow my model is finished and ready for the closing night. Although I won’t be able to attend the night myself the model has been finished and it is on it’s way there now.

I finished it using just 4 pots of model paint and found it was great to paint all the pieces individually before assembling it all together once dry. All of the paint laid well over the white base layer I put down and only needed one coat with some little bits touched up.


3D Print Cup: Printing Part 1

After sanding everything back and using some modelling files to smooth out my model I have started to get it all painted up. I am using Enamel paints that are used in model painting. I have used a matte white as a primer on my whole model which I will sand back slightly so the coloured paint grips.


3D Print Cup: Print

I have just received my print back and I’m now ready to get rid of all the support material and get cracking. IT all seems to have come out well. By testing it in the replicator footage as you design your character you can avoid any nasty surprises. There is a lot to do but It is going to look good when it has finished.


3D Print Cup: Design

This is the second year this competition has run in Manchester and this year I had to get involved. I heard about it from a friend of mine who had entered last year. I then went down to the launch event and found out that our senior artist Rob Millington was a judge. Ha small world.

This was something I wanted to enter last year but due to a couple of large jobs coming in to the studio I didn’t have the time. This year was different though. As there was more time to prepare and the fact I had done a load of designs the year before it was easier to put my idea together and get something modelled, ready to print.


The Neighbourhood Rebrand

Back when I was with the Neighbourhood I helped them go through a massive re-brand as we have moved from just being a production company to a creative communications agency. As many of the jobs we were getting were branding jobs this was a perfect test for us and a chance for us to show what we could do. Also, it was a great chance for us all to work together and see how we could modify our workflow to the challenges ahead. Our team was made up of graphic designers, animators, editors, copywriters and programmers and where was a lot to do. Once we had got started it was only then we knew just how much there was to do. When you think about the brand you have to think about every aspect of a company/organisation. We had to design and produce everything from the logo and website right down to our presentations and invoices.