Centre Point Brand Film

  • Role: Tracking, Comping, Editing and Grading
  • Client: Almacantar
  • Project Link: the-neighbourhood.com
  • Production Company: The Neighbourhood


This high end brand film was made to be a teaser of what life could be like living in the newly renovated Centre Point building in Tottenham, London. This piece wasn’t put in the public eye as it was part of an experience The Neighbourhood designed purely for potential buyers. The project was huge spanning the whole studio with 3D visualisations, Websites, Apps, Animations and Films all being made in house. With great direction from James Gilbert we set out to do something quite different with the edit to traditional development films. We wanted to get across the feel of the area as well as what the development was like itself. We are taken on a journey by 2 models that are dressed in clothes designed by Eley Kishimoto’s patterns inspired by the brutalist Centre Point structure. This journey is accompanied by a bespoke soundtrack by BAFTA award winning composer Daniel Pemberton.

This version of the film was a re-edit we did showing how we would have finished the film if the decisions were totally down to the team. It was (and always is) a pleasure to work with Bled Bujupi on the edits and the 3D visualisations were all done by the very talented Brett Fisher and the architecture team at The Neighbourhood.

For more information check out the Neighbourhoods case study here:


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