Craftsmanship of Care

  • Role: Editor, 'Making Of' Cameraman, Grader and Animator
  • Client: Corinthia Hotels
  • Project Link:
  • Production Company: The Neighbourhood


This piece is one of my favourites. It was made to be shown on a 3D cinema screen in New York. I had quite a large role on this piece and it really was a crucial turning point for me. I got involved with filming, lighting, shoot producing, creating HDRI maps and most importantly, my big acting début. This provided me with an excellent opportunity to be involved with aspects I had little experience with. I was also able to prove myself as an editor and gained a whole new level of responsibility within the team at the time.

This a short “Making of” film which I produced and shot, to show the methods we used to produce this piece. I collected the footage while helping out the gaffers, cameramen and production team. The “Making of” film is actually edited to the track we originally wanted to edit the feature film to.



For more information on how we made this piece, right through to our workflow, see this blog post I wrote about my whole experience:

















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