FIFA 18 Ratings Video

  • Role: Editor and Motion Designer
  • Client: EA Sports
  • Production Company: EA Mediaworks

This was a fun little piece I worked on for EA Sports. Based on the “Mean Tweets” idea we asked players from all over the world to read tweets about themselves before we revealed what ratings they
have got in this year’s FIFA game.

Some of the players will be pretty chuffed with there ratings but some will be a bit miffed I think. So I apologize if you favourite player doesn’t have the rating you wanted and I can happily say that’s nothing to do with me. Anyway, the whole team put a lot of work into this one, having to travel around the world to set up shoots in different clubs, before we could even get to the edit stage. All of the brand assets used were built and designed by EA Mediaworks and Troika with the music track being provided by Audio Network. All the ratings are correct as of the release date but these could change over time depending on players performances. And finally I can talk to people about player ratings as we have all had to keep them all very close to our chests. For more information on the top 100 players please head to Top 100 and start to figure out who you want in your squad. I hope you enjoyed the video anyway and if you’re a big FIFA fan you haven’t got long to wait now… Just a few weeks until you can start building up your new teams!


FIFA 18 | Official Ratings Reveal | Ft. Ronaldo, Griezmann, Alli, Muller










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