JD Sports Xmas 2015 Ads

  • Role: Designer, 3D Artist, Animator, Tracker and Editor
  • Client: JD Sports
  • Project Link: the-neighbourhood.com
  • Production Company: The Neighbourhood

So this was probably one of the biggest projects I worked on while at The Neighbourhood. We were tasked to produce 3x 30 Ads along with around 20x 10 seconds ads for JD Sports. This all to be delivered in just 2 months. I worked on the pitch for the job when it came in where I produced some animation and look tests in just over 2 days. We impressed the team with what we had produced and once we had the sign off we went ahead and developed the storyboards and ideas before pitching them back to the marketing directors. From here we went over a lot of different look test to find the direction JD wanted us to head in. It started out as quite a paired back idea as if all the models were in a high end photography studio but further down the line they were keen for use to move towards a fully texture and animated wonderland approach. They chose the models they wanted from a junior scheme they set up a few years ago and the outfits they wanted them in before we did the shoot up at the Sharp Project. We used the same crew as we used for Craftsmanship of Care job we did a few years ago. We all knew each other well and how everyone worked which was important when having to produce this amount of work in the timescale of just one month remaining.


Mens 30 Second Ad


Womens 30 Second Ad


Juniors 30 Second Ad


From the rushes we produced cut down edits of the greenscreen footage for all the ads and once they had been signed off we had all of our shots in these offline edits to work with (with handles). From here we then tracked all the individual shots in 3D Equilizer before exporting the data for both Nuke and 3DS Max. All the scenes and snow were modelled, textured and animated in 3DS Max before we rendered it all out in separate passes to then deep composite in Nuke. Once composited we then took all the rendered shots back into our offline timeline to export the online edits. It was here where we laid the audio over the top as well as the spot sounds that we had. For the beginning and end logo resolves we animated them in After Effects with all the text and logos rendered from 3DS Max.

Finally we took them for grade and sound layering at Dock 10 in Media City who then sent all the ads to the relevant stations for us. There were 3 main ads to send out as seen above but we also did 10 Second cut downs and 10 Second footwear ads. These are 3 examples of the 10 second footwear ads we produced:


JD Shoes 10 Sec Edits


As well as this I produced all the gold brand logos that were going to be used in the print campaign. These were used nationwide in all the stores and on all the print work that JD produced. With this we supplied all of the elements we built for the ads as well as all the backgrounds so they could compose the final images themselves using the apparel photography they had taken for all the different outfits. We delivered everything to them in 6K so they could scale and use them as they wished for everything from bus ads to billboards.




It was a full on project and probably the hardest the team has had to tackle to date but in the end we managed to produce a successful set of ads for both British and Irish TV that the client were very happy with. Here is a technical breakdown of how we produced the ads. As you can see there were a lot of different passes involved with a lot of different processes used. The hardest work was the amount of times we had to repeat the process to get all the ads done in the time scale we had.


JD Ad Technical Breakdown


As my last full time job with the Neighbourhood it was a lot of fun to work in a big team once again and develop different ways of completing the tasks at hand. Also, I just want to point out I was part of large team for this job so I did not do everything from start to finish. There were a lot of us all working together on this in a great team and a massive shoutout has to go to Chris Moran, John Crawshaw, Paul Greenwood and Ricardo David for their work on this too. Great effort by everyone all round.

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