Need For Speed Payback Trailers

  • Role: Editor
  • Client: EA
  • Production Company: EA Mediaworks

After working for a few different franchises at EA in 2017, I was then asked to work on a collection of trailers for Need For Speed Payback. After fantasizing about editing a car chase sequence together as seen in the classics like Bullitt and Drive, along with filming and building my own edits in Driver years ago, it was amazing to work on these pieces. These trailers were to introduce you to each of the main characters in the game, which have their own style of driving as they are based on different kinds of racing.

So for this I needed to build 6 edits (both a 15 and a 30 second for each character), delivered in formats suitable for all social media sites at 16×9 and 1×1 aspect ratios along with some 6 second bumpers for ad breaks. We started by building previs edits using found footage to possible tracks to get a good feel of the flow and pacing of each edit. This was a great way to find camera angles that worked well together and a great reference tool for the team. From there the capture team in Köln would film the shots required and I could then edit with them along with the cut scenes from the main campaign. We wanted to drum up the excitement for the game but obviously didn’t want to give away any plot points. Once we had a narrative down, I was then given the freedom to build the sequences to the chosen tracks and work with Aurelie Bondon and Eugen Derzapf to create exciting content that would help drive sales (no pun intended). Even though we were working on opposite sides of the globe the project ran smoothly and it was a pleasure to be part of the team. I loved working on these and I’m hoping that one day I’ll have the opportunity to work on a live action piece to the same standards as some of my all time favourite films.

Here are the 30 second edits I did for each character:


Jess 30 Second Edit


Mac 30 Second Edit


Tyler 30 Second Edit


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