The Saucy Fish Co 2015

  • Role: Scripter, Storyboarder, Animator, Designer and Editor
  • Client: Seachill
  • Project Link:
  • Production Company: The Neighbourhood


This is the latest Saucy Fish Ad the team has produced to go on air in January 2015. This very well received piece was all done in After Effects where we did most of our rigging using the DuIK tool. ( The team, once again, worked on the scripts right through to the sound design. Then once we had the go ahead we developed the storyboards before all of the scenes were designed in Photoshop by Chris Moran.


Saucy Fish 2015 (0-00-02-08)


Saucy Fish 2015 (0-00-04-16)


Saucy Fish 2015 (0-00-07-16)


Saucy Fish 2015 (0-00-15-15)

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