Wengen Photobook

  • Role: Photographer and Designer



This is a personal project which I took right through to the finished article. It’s a photobook I designed to capture memories from Wengen in Switzerland, our best snowboarding trip to date. I wanted to create something tactile and something physical. It’s all too easy to take photo’s nowadays and just put them on Facebook. So I wanted to create this book of memories for me and the boys that we would treasure years to come. It was a fun piece to do and it was something I didn’t want to rush. I spent a bank holiday weekend pulling it all together ad then sent the elements away to get printed. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done some stuff for print but it was nice to get back to it and produce something physical to be proud of.

All the photographs are my own that I took while out on the slopes. The board riders are myself, Peter Swanborough, Mark Walters and the skier is Ian Oughton. The cover photo of the book is actually of a solar eclipse (or partial eclipse) over the Eiger which explains the long shadows at only 1pm in the afternoon. We completely forgot that the eclipse was happening that day until we started seeing people falling over all over the place and then we realised what was going on.

Anyway, I digress. I would be willing to do these books for others. Bespoke design something that you can keep and treasure. So do get in touch if it is something that might interest you and lets see what we can do for you. Email me on hello@stevenswanboroughdesign.com if you are interested.


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Photography and design by Steven Swanborough

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