Yorkshire Building Society Motion Branding

  • Role: Artworker, Animator, Designer and Editor
  • Client: YBS
  • Production Company: The Neighbourhood


This is a motion brand guidelines for Yorkshire Building Society and associated agencies for all of their motion content which we delivered with a toolkit. I’ve not made a toolkit for someone else before so that was a good thing to do to make sure everything made sense and labelled correctly. Along with that I had to write instructions on how to use it. Doing this makes you think about how you build something to make sure it works correctly to who-ever you pass it on to. I decided early on that I was going to build it all in Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects to I could use the dynamic linking between the 2 programs. Using the Cineware tool you could make changes to the text in Cinema and render everything through After Effects which was a huge time saver.

Along with this I produced the Branding film (Seen above) to show what was possible with the toolkit and where they could take their branding with a bit more of a push. This all follows the recent rebrand that they’ve had and how they want to now be perceived. The main element that builds up their logo and their look is the “squircle” which is obviously half way between a square and circle with a ridge down the centre. They already had a flat version of this “squircle” that they used for print but wanted a 3D version to show what could be done with that. I modelled the 3D “squircle” in Cinema 4D and then textured the 2 tones onto the faces so we weren’t always relying on the lighting to get the right look. From here I worked up the different scenes to show what could be done with their branding and how far they could push their content. All the tracking for the shots were done in Cinema 4D itself and everything was then comped and colour corrected in After Effects.

Also a huge shoutout to the @BlackMatterCo guys who filmed the cake scene. Great to work with them and one of the best crews I’ve worked with in a long time. Also a massive thanks to the legend that is @alexandercf for his help making the hedge squircle, it looks great!


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